What is online Blackjack? Instructions for playing Blackjack online at JILIASIA

Blackjack is a card game present in all traditional and online casinos around the world, especially popular in Europe and Asia. What is Blackjack? What’s different about playing Blackjack Online ? All information will be answered by JILIASIA in the article below!

Overview of Blackjack

Blackjack or Blackjack as Vietnamese people call it, is a card game that is very popular with players because it both brings drama to the gameplay and helps train assertiveness. Blackjack Online uses a deck of 52 cards like most other card games, so if you are a person who regularly participates in playing card games, it is very easy to access the rules of Blackjack.

What is JILIASIA online blackjack?
What is JILIASIA online blackjack?

Terminology in Blackjack Online

Before going into the rules of Blackjack Online, you need to understand some common terms when playing as follows:

  • Blackjack: Includes 1 A card and 1 of the J, 10, K, Q cards when opening the first two cards.
  • Poker: Includes 2 A cards when opening the first two cards.
  • Five Spirits: Includes 5 cards with a total score equal to or lower than 21. If there are both Five Spirits, the score will be considered whose score is lower.
  • Bu (Quac): The total score of the cards is more than 21.
  • Ballast or ballast: Do not draw more cards when you realize you have enough points.
  • Young ballast: When the card is opened with a total score of less than 18.
  • Pay cards: When the total score exceeds 21 but still draw more cards, you must pay money to other opponents.
  • Young (not old enough): When you draw all the cards but the total score is less than 16.
  • Run the village (Hue): The total points of the house and the house are equal.
  • Age: When the total score of the cards is from 16 – 21.
  • Double: The action of doubling the bet compared to the original and the player can only draw one more card.
  • Split: In case the first two cards are the same, the player chooses to split into 2 separate hands. The bet on these hands is equal to ½ of the original amount. The dealer will then deal one more card to each hand.
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How to calculate points for Blackjack Online

How to calculate points for Blackjack Online
How to calculate points for Blackjack Online

The cards from 2 to 10 will represent the number of points corresponding to the number on the card. JQK cards represent 10 points. In particular, the A card will be counted as 10, 11 or 1 depending on the case.

The highest score a player can achieve in a game of Blackjack is 21 points. Cases where the total score is greater than 21 will be called compensation. If the player gets a Quack but still draws more cards, they will be fined or if the total score exceeds 27 points, the fine will also be doubled.

Instructions for playing Blackjack online at JILIASIA Casino

Instructions for participating in playing Blackjack online at JILIASIA
Instructions for participating in playing Blackjack online at JILIASIA

Step 1: Place a bet

When the Online Blackjack game is about to start, players will have about 30 seconds to choose a bet level. Each bookmaker will have a different betting limit, but JILIASIA casino will not limit the player’s bet amount.

Step 2: Deal the cards

After completing the bet, the house staff will deal the cards counterclockwise from the person on the right, the house will be in the last deal. The number of cards dealt to each person in the first turn is 2. At this point, players need to calculate their cards to decide whether to draw more cards or accumulate cards.

Step 3: Win naturally

After reviewing the 2 cards, the player will proceed to turn over the cards if the result is Blackjack or Poker. At this time, the player will naturally win without having to participate in the card drawing process. If the dealer’s result is the same, it will be a tie. Poker will double the bet amount.

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Step 4: Draw more cards (if necessary)

If the first 2 cards are not in the case of a natural win, the player will have the right to participate in drawing cards in the same order as when the cards were dealt. Players will be able to draw cards until they feel they have enough points, then they can stop as long as they do not exceed 28 points. The maximum number of cards that can be drawn is 5 (2 dealt cards + 3 drawn cards).

Step 5: Compare the results from the dealer

When all players complete drawing cards, the dealer will have to draw cards until the total score reaches over 17 points before stopping. The player will win if the total score is greater than the dealer or compensated. In case the player and the dealer have the same score, it is called a tie. If the player’s total score exceeds 21, it is considered a loss without having to wait for the dealer to draw cards.

Through the above article, JILIASIA has partly helped you understand more about the Blackjack Online card game . In addition, to help players easily experience this form of entertainment, our bookmaker has guided you through the most standard steps to bet on Blackjack Online . Hopefully this information will be a great help for you to master the game and earn more income!

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